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$360 (AUD)

Price includes shipping within Australia

International shipping is $24.95 (AUD)

10" x 14"

Unframed, Watercolour on Arches Watercolor Paper

*Please note that the above image of the artwork displayed on a wall is a fine art print, not an accurate representation of the size of the original artwork

This was my first time working with watercolours and I've definitely fallen in love with the medium!

I love how vibrant I can make watercolour artwork (this wasn't something I was aware I could achieve with this medium) and I love the expressive style of this piece in combination with the parts that are still quite realistic.

I had a lot of fun painting a bird that is primarily black and white and adding these vibrant colours to bring out the toucan's personality!

I am looking forward to adding more watercolour pieces to my portfolio!

If you wish to purchase this piece, or have any questions, email me at;

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