If you are interested in purchasing this set, it is available from the Pan Pastel website or on Amazon!
It will also be available in stores such as Jackson's in the UK and theartshop.com.au in Australia within the next few months!

Pan Pastel website: https://shop.panpastel.com/collections/sets-kits/products/general-realism-kirsty-rebecca-kit-20-colors

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/PanPastel-Rebecca-General-Realism-Palette/dp/B08Z5T4N78?ref_=ast_sto_dp

**If your local art store stocks Pan Pastels, but doesn't yet have this set, you can ask them to order it in for you!
You can find a list of many other retailers here;

Kirsty Rebecca is an award-winning Australian artist, who specializes in realistic wildlife, pet portraiture, human portraiture, florals, landscapes, and still life.


She creates drawing and painting tutorials that are easy to follow, so you can create realistic and professional artwork, even if you’re just starting out!

Kirsty uses PanPastel Colors for creating underpaintings to use with pastel pencils, although she sometimes uses PanPastel as a stand-alone medium as well.

Set Includes

1 x Hansa Yellow 220.5
1 x Yellow Ochre Tint 270.8
1 x Permanent Red Extra Dark 340.1
1 x Permanent Red 340.5
1 x Magenta 430.5
1 x Violet Shade 470.3
1 x Ultramarine Blue 520.5
1 x Phthalo Blue Extra Dark 560.1
1 x Phthalo Blue Tint 560.8
1 x Turquoise 580.5
1 x Permanent Green Extra Dark 640.1
1 x Chromium Oxide Green 660.5
1 x Burnt Sienna Extra Dark 740.1
1 x Burnt Sienna 740.5
1 x Burnt Sienna Tint 740.8
1 x Raw Umber 780.5
1 x Paynes Grey Tint 840.3
1 x Paynes Grey 840.7
1 x Black 800.5
1 x Titanium White 100.5

Includes free tools:

3 x Sofft Painting Knives
15 x Sofft Knife Covers
2 x Sofft Sponge Bars
4 x Sofft Mini Applicators
1 x Palette Tray with Cover



If you want to find out more about how to use Pan Pastels (or using this set specifically), I have a full-length tutorial of a toucan available for FREE on YouTube where I explain everything you need to know about Pans!

I also go through the process of creating a piece of artwork in real-time step by step, using these colours!

You will find links in the description to downloadable reference photos as well as a full supply list, so you can follow along if you want to! 😊