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16" x 20"

Coloured Pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord


Awarded 1st Prize at Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize 2018

As an artist, I make sure I am using the highest quality, archival and light-fast materials which will last many years to come. The pencils that I use, are made by highly reputable brands and contain the very same pigments used in other fine art mediums such as oil paints.

This was the first time I worked this large using coloured pencil! I used a mixture of the Brush and Pencil Products and Odourless Mineral Spirits to blend the coloured pencils in this piece. I wanted to create an impact with these bold colours against a dark background, and my goal was to have it look more like an oil painting than coloured pencil. I thought this subject was fierce, yet beautiful and would make a fantastic example of the beauty in nature!

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