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This page gives you an overview of the tutorials you will have immediate access to on your chosen tier level when you join KR Fine Art Academy!

If you have moved over from Patreon to the Academy, you will be used to having to use the Patreon Tutorial Library companion page on my website in addition to logging into Patreon


KR Fine Art Academy includes a simple built-in navigation system! 

You will not need to come back to this library to access the tutorials because you will be able to click on the tutorials directly on the Academy website, making the tutorial navigation so much easier than Patreon!

Watch this video to take a look at what the KR Fine Art Academy looks like and how easy it is to navigate!

What is "KR Fine Art Academy" and what benefits do I get?

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B E G I N N E R ?   S T A R T   H E R E !


This section will give you the knowledge you need to get started!

You will learn how to choose your own reference photos and how to edit your references to help with the drawing process. I will also show you how to choose your colours, create an accurate outline, and give you some projects I recommend that you start with!

Additional tutorials will be added to this section regularly to help you understand the process and decision-making of drawing and painting so you can follow along with any of my larger projects, or choose a reference to draw from on your own!


P A S T E L 

C O L O U R E D   P E N C I L 


C H A R C O A L   &   G R A P H I T E