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$405 (AUD)

Price includes shipping within Australia

International shipping is $24.95 (AUD)


Unframed, Coloured Pencil on Pastelmat

I am aware that the average person considers "Coloured Pencil" as a child's medium. However, as an artist, I make sure I am using the highest quality, archival and light-fast materials which will last many years to come. The pencils that I use, are made by highly reputable brands and contain the very same pigments used in other fine art mediums such as oil paints.

I work in many light layers, using a similar glazing technique to oil paintings and aim for a high level of coverage and saturation. In many cases, I work on a hardboard and varnish my paintings with the same varnish used for oil paintings.

Therefore, my coloured pencil pieces, are in fact "fine art" and not a "sketch".

Foxes can make up to 40 different noises, one of them is a high-pitched scream! This piece was my first piece using Brush and Pencil's powder blender and Texture Fixative. I wanted to create a soft, bokeh background and had a lot of fun with this piece

If you wish to purchase this piece, or have any questions, please fill out the contact form below with the title of the piece as the subject line

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