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Faithful Longing


$612 (AUD)

Price includes shipping within Australia

international shipping is $24.95 (AUD)

16" x 20"

Unframed, Coloured Pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord

This piece has been varnished to hang framed without glass, however, it can be framed behind glass using a mat border if you wish

As an artist, I make sure I am using the highest quality, archival and light-fast materials which will last many years to come. The pencils that I use, are made by highly reputable brands and contain the very same pigments used in other fine art mediums such as oil paints.

*Please note that the above image of the artwork displayed on a wall is a fine art print, not an accurate representation of the size of the original artwork

This was my second time working this large in coloured pencil. I loved this reference photo so much, that I couldn't possibly do it justice on a smaller surface! I wanted to portray the character in this bulldog's face and eyes. I can relate to this piece, because I see this same look of loyalty and longingness in my own pet's eyes, and I'm sure most of you feel the same way! My goal was to make this piece look more like an oil painting than a typical coloured pencil piece!

If you wish to purchase this piece, or have any questions, email me at;

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