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$360 (AUD)

Price includes shipping within Australia

International shipping is $24.95 (AUD)

12" x 12"

Unframed, Pastel on Pastelmat

*Please note that the above image of the artwork displayed on a wall is a fine art print, not an accurate representation of the size of the original artwork

This piece is very dear to my heart. My grandma used to love meerkats - she had statues, trinkets, and pictures all around her house and garden. I actually found this reference photo a few years ago and planned to do this piece for her, but soon after discovering this reference photo, she passed away from cancer. I used to get excited to show her my art. It was the first thing I thought about, every time I completed a piece... and it still is today.


I couldn't bring myself to complete the artwork at that point... but a year later, I thought I'd try again. I ended up doing the outline and then put it away again. A few years on, I still think of her when I complete a piece of art, but instead of bringing back unhappy memories, I feel inspired to keep doing what I love because she always believed in me and my artwork.


This piece will forever remind me of her, and I hope one day it can find a home with someone who loves meerkats as much as she did

If you wish to purchase this piece, or have any questions, email me at;

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