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As you probably know, I love animals (they're also my favourite thing to draw - you only have to glance at my artwork to see that)! It breaks my heart to see some of our wildlife going extinct... and I have always wanted to be able to help stop this from happening.


So after a lot of consideration, I have decided to personally donate 50 cents from every Patreon pledge each month to the World Land Trust! I am so grateful for this opportunity to allow me to support a fantastic cause that is helping to bring back our wildlife!



Don't worry, you won't pay any more to be a member of Patreon!

I am donating from my own pocket 😊 


My main priority is obviously the tutorials, so I will only post about this once every three months when I donate (so I can give you guys an update on how many acres we have helped purchase for our wildlife) 


The “David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet” documentary explains how our world has changed over a lifetime. Since the 1950s, animal populations have more than halved, humans cut down 15 billion trees per year, and the arctic summer sea ice has reduced by 40% in 40 years (and these are just a few examples)


I’d highly recommend watching this documentary because it breaks down everything you need to know!

"Without the natural world, mankind is doomed. We are dependent on the natural world for the very air we breathe and every particle of food we eat."

-Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has made some terrifying predictions for our future if we don’t start halting and reversing the damage we have done to the planet.

This isn’t just about saving animals from extinction, it’s much more than that. This affects human civilization and how we live on a day-to-day basis.


By 2030 if deforestation in the Amazon rainforest continues, it will degrade to a point where it can no longer produce enough moisture, transforming it into a dry savanna. This will also alter the global water cycle. Additionally, the Arctic will start experiencing ice-free summers and without the white ice caps, less of the sun’s energy will be reflected into space, accelerating global warming


By 2050 as the oceans continue to heat and become more acidic, coral reefs around the world will bleach and die, causing the fish populations to crash. This will affect millions of people who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods.


By 2080 our soils will become so exhausted by overuse that global food production will enter a crisis. Pollinating insects will disappear, and the weather will become unpredictable.


By 2100 the planet will be four degrees Celsius warmer, rendering large parts of the earth uninhabitable, leaving millions of people homeless.

Scientists predict that the sixth mass extinction will be well underway at this point, causing irreversible damage to the planet.

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Not all hope is lost. We still have time to halt and reverse the damage we have caused to the planet.

On a personal level, there are a lot of small daily changes you can make to help stop climate change.

Here, you will find ideas to implement in your own life if you are interested in taking action towards the sustainability of our planet

On a global scale, restoring large areas of land will allow our wildlife population (and biodiversity in general) to increase as a whole.

We need to take up less space on this planet and allow our wilderness to grow back.

This is not just about saving our planet, it's about saving ourselves and the human civilization as we know it.


I am passionate about our wildlife and I want future generations to be able to experience the beauty of nature.

As much as I would love to donate to programs that help individual animal species from becoming extinct, if we look at the bigger picture, they are becoming extinct because we are taking away their homes.


The World Land Trust's goal is to protect the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre.


They are literally buying acres of land to protect our animals, plants, and wildlife, and are helping to bring back the biodiversity our planet needs to survive.

By joining us on Patreon, I will personally donate 50 cents from every member's pledge, each month to World Land Trust on a quarterly basis. Your support is helping save our wildlife and our planet, one acre at a time!

If you wish to donate to World Land Trust or would like more information, head over to

Foggy Forest

“Just saving a single species, of course, is important... but it’s only important because it’s an indication of something. What you need, if you are going to conserve the wildlife of the world, is land.

The money given to the World Land Trust in my estimation has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”

-Sir David Attenborough