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Nature in Coloured Pencil


One-time payment for access to this bundle of tutorials.

This is not a monthly subscription

Or join the KR Fine Art Academy Membership (for a small amount per month) and receive immediate access to the tutorials inside this bundle in addition to many more tutorials including birds, wildlife, pets, portraits, landscapes, florals, still life, etc in a variety of mediums such as pastel, coloured pencil, graphite, charcoal, and watercolour!

1) Succulent (Online Video Tutorial)

3 hrs 48 hrs


3) Mountain Landscape (Online Video Tutorial)

4 hrs 12 mins


2) Beach Scene (Online Video Tutorial)

1 hr 47 mins

beach scene.jpg

4) Cherry Blossom (Online Video Tutorial)

5 hrs 45 mins


All of my tutorials are suitable for artists of all levels (including beginners) but if you are a complete beginner, I recommend also purchasing the "Fundamentals" bundle in addition to your chosen tutorial bundle.

You will learn the basics like choosing/editing reference photos, creating traceable outlines, printing references, choosing colours, and transferring your outline to your drawing surface. Most of my tutorials start with the initial outline already complete.

What do the tutorials include?

Every tutorial is real-time so I can take you through every step of the process.

I don't skip any important parts of the process, so you will see every stroke from beginning to end!

My videos are fully narrated so you can easily follow along and understand my decision-making process to help you gain the knowledge you need to improve your drawing and painting skills even further!

There are many valuable tips in each tutorial, along with information that will be useful for you in your future projects!

You will also have access to royalty-free downloadable reference photos such as;

Reference Photo - Edited (Main Reference).jpg
Reference Photo - Colour Swatches.jpg

 Main Reference Photo 

This will be your "go-to" reference throughout the drawing process!

 Colour Swatches 

To help you see which colours are in which area of your reference photo!

Reference Photo - High Saturation.jpg
Reference Photo - Traceable Outline.jpg
PIXABAY art supplies pencils art-1867899.jpg

 High Saturation 

Showing some of those "hidden" colours that may not be as obvious!

 Traceable Outline 

Starting with an accurate outline is super important! This may help you out!

 Supply List 

A full list of supplies, including colour names, so you can follow along easily!

*These are examples of the kind of reference photos that are included. Your chosen tutorial bundle may not include this specific German Shepherd tutorial and you may receive more (or fewer) reference photos, depending on what I believe is helpful for that specific tutorial

How do I access the tutorial bundle?


Choose your tutorial bundle and check out as normal! You will be prompted to enter an email address and choose a password!


Head to and log in to the KR Fine Art Academy in the top right corner using your email address and password!


You will see your purchased Tutorial Bundle(s)!
lick on the image to enter the Academy!

There will be an instructional video explaining how to navigate the Academy website so you can watch your tutorials! Easy!

If you would like to purchase more than one tutorial bundle

(or you decide to purchase another in the future)

Step 1: Choose your first bundle & check out/pay as normal

Step 2: Choose your second bundle & check out/pay as normal but make sure you enter the same email address and password you chose for your first bundle (this way, when you log in to the Academy with your email address and password, you will see all of the tutorial bundles you have previously purchased!) 

Nature in Coloured Pencil

This Tutorial Bundle includes 4 x full-length online video tutorials (Kit Fox, Cow, Chipmunk with Sunflower, and Rufous Treepie)!
Each tutorial includes a complete supply list and downloadable reference photos!


One-time payment for access to this bundle of tutorials.

This is not a monthly subscription

Or join the KR Fine Art Academy Membership (for a small amount per month) and receive immediate access to the tutorials inside this bundle in addition to many more tutorials including birds, wildlife, pets, portraits, landscapes, florals, still life, etc in a variety of mediums such as pastel, coloured pencil, graphite, charcoal, and watercolour!


Hi there, I'm Kirsty Rebecca!
Why should you trust me?

Are you struggling to make your artwork look more realistic?


Confused about the supplies you need, how to choose your colours, or how to start your first layer?

Do you have some drawing experience already and really want to take your artwork to the next level... but not sure how? 


Are you tired of spending hours adding tiny details to your drawings but they don't seem to look any more realistic?

me 2f.png
4GB PASTEL macaw thumb plain.jpg

When I started taking drawing and painting more seriously, I discovered a lot of people using materials that aren’t archival or lightfast.


This was a problem because their artwork has the potential to fade/flake/discolour/crack over time, due to the art supplies they were using.

On the other hand, there were artists using 

professional supplies, but they spent

50 to 100 hours on a

single piece of art…


which would drive me insane!

...or there were oil painters who seemed to

be speaking another language that they must 

have acquired from their fancy art school…

Final Supplies.png

I couldn’t find any artists who were using archival art supplies, creating the style of artwork that I liked... and  also explained what they were doing in a way that was easy to understand!


I soon developed a passion for helping other artists with the same problem.


This is the reason I now create drawing and painting tutorials that are easy to follow, so you can create realistic and professional artwork,

even if you’re just starting out!

After sharing hundreds of my art tutorials on YouTube,

I have learned that most people go through the same struggles, and have the same questions when it comes to learning

how to draw realistically with pastels, coloured pencils, charcoal, and more!

Don't worry... I have been in your shoes!

That is why I have created these tutorials, so you don't have to go through valuable years

of trial and error, research, and frustration!

What does it look like inside the KR Fine Art Academy after you purchase a Tutorial Bundle?

Wondering what it looks like inside the Academy? How does the website work and how easy is it to navigate?

This is the instructional video you will see on your dashboard when you login to the academy!

Take a look at how the website works and how simple it is!

drawing colour.png
drawing b&w.png

Are you worried that my tutorials look a little bit difficult for a beginner?

Every tutorial is suitable for beginner and intermediate artists!

I take you through the entire process in real-time so I can explain what colours I am using and why, and you can see every stroke I make throughout the process!

However, if you are new to drawing, you can purchase the "Fundamentals" Tutorial Bundle in addition to your chosen tutorial bundle! 

In the Fundamentals bundle, I break down everything you need to know, so you have the knowledge to get started

Some of the tutorials in the Fundamentals Tutorial Bundle include;

  • How to choose a reference photo

  • Editing a reference photo for your artwork

  • How to start with an accurate initial outline

  • Choosing your colours

  • Fundamentals of values (and their importance)

  • Additional full-length beginner projects to get you started!

  • And much more!

Once you have gone through these tutorials, you will have the confidence to jump into my "bigger" projects, or even start a drawing from your own choice of reference photo!

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 4.57.17 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 4.58.46 pm.png
PIXABAY supplies pencil colored-pencils-179167.jpeg

did you know?

A lot of art instructors REFUSE to give you the names of the colours they are using for their tutorials?


Their reasoning is that you should be looking at your reference photo and choosing your own colours...


...and if you rely on the teacher giving you the names of the colours, it will always be a crutch and you'll never know what colours to use on your own projects

But I know that some people learn better when they know what colours the teacher is using!

Or maybe you just want a fun project to follow along with as a weekend hobby!

(without the hassle and stress of choosing colours!)

In my tutorials, I always let you know what colour I am using throughout the process...

so you can make the decision for yourself

whether you want to choose your own colours, or use the same ones I am using!

If you decide you want to create artwork from your own reference photo, then I highly recommend purchasing the "Fundamentals" Tutorial Bundle in addition to your chosen tutorial bundle!

I teach you how to choose your colours, and make colour swatches from any reference photo, so you will know exactly what to do!



bee eater collage 2.png

Would you believe that most of my students have never tried pastels, but created these drawings on their first try?

Some of these students have never even picked up a pencil in their entire life!

My tutorials have given them the confidence and skills to create these stunning pieces of artwork

... and YOU can too!



30 day money-back guarantee!


I honestly believe my tutorials will help you improve your drawings, which is why I am offering 30 days risk-free to try out my tutorials!

Purchase a Tutorial Bundle from the KR Fine Art Academy and if you aren't enjoying and learning from my tutorials, then contact me within 30 days, and I will happily give you a 100% refund!

No questions asked!

Still not sure whether my tutorials are right for you? 

Watch this FREE sample of what my tutorials are really like!

This is a full-length pastel study of a lynx eye,

so you can decide if my teaching style is right for you!

You can download the Reference photos to follow along below!

*Click the download symbol button on image to save to your device

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